Comments from MouseTape Users

"Hello, I would like to give you a review about this product to put on your eBay pages. I've been a competitive gamer for a couple years now (CAL, TWL) and play nearly all popular FPS. This Teflon tape is like magic - makes my mouse glide like it's on dry ice. Right now I'm using an MX310 which is a great mouse, it just has horrible friction problems with the feet. As soon as you apply this tape onto it the MX310 becomes a monster. My reaction time went up and tracking was super smooth. I would recommend this tape to any competitive gamer, because it WILL give you an edge. Thanks!"

"I put this on the mouse I use everyday, and I can't believe the difference."

"Hi - I've already given feedback but a comment after using for a while which you may use if you want. This tape is simply the best I've tried !! I have a Logitech MX1000 and a RatzPad GS which is quite harsh. Previous tapes have lasted 1-2 weeks between changes as they have ripped or worn out but so far, your tape is holding up very well. That along with the good price means that when I run out (eventually), I'll be back for more. Thanks again Paul"

"Well, it's quite difficult to describe this mouse tape, because the seller is so great, he sent it the same day and answered all my questions so fast, and more, I've got a perfect combination between my MX500 and Icemat Black (mousepad), which is made from glass. It's incredible how it slips and lasts so long! Thank you so much!"

I will e-mail you as soon as i receive it. It may takes 1 or 2 weeks to be shipped in France. I also want to thank you for being the only guy in the world selling this kind of tape, and to ship it worlwide ! Go on ! Best regards, Jean-Vincent.

"Hey, I just applied your mouse tape today and it's fantastic! I already had teflon feet on my Razer Deathadder but your stuff made it glide way smoother and quicker! also I have a tip you might want to tell people: I have an Icemat glass mousepad and when I first replaced my deathadder teflon feet with the mousetape, it couldn't track because your mousetape was thinner than my original stuff. I was really bummed. But, I just added a second layer of mousetape and voila! it worked perfectly!" - James Young

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