Last year I finally gave up on watching any professional sports. I might watch the occasional Wisconsin Badgers football game, but done with the NFL.

A non-profit organization that promotes violence. Does not hold it’s players to any sort of standard. And leeches tax money from every community it is located in under the guise of bringing in money for the community via tourism.

Professional sports, all of them exist for two reasons. To make a profit and to create divides within a population. It differs little from the gladiator games of old, just fewer deaths during the games.

The last straw was when they let the dog killer/fighter Michael Vick back in the sport. Proving that the only thing that matters to the NFL and it’s sponsors is the all mighty dollar. Right and wrong have nothing to do with it. The fact that people holds these athletes up as heroes does’t matter.

Profit is king, all else is noise.

476 & 365

It is hard to believe it that this coming Sunday, August 30th will be 1 year since mom died. It will also be 476 days since dad died.

There are few days when I don’t think of them. But they are rare. There are moments of panic when I think, “Crap, I haven’t talked to mom in a long time. I should call her” Then it hits me. It is getting easier, but very slowly. There was/is a numbness about both my parents being gone. That is starting to fade and at times it is harder now then when they first passed.

Sure, I make jokes about my parents being dead all the time. That is how I deal with bad things. I’m still not Batman. WTF!?

I have the most remarkable friends and family that have helped me through this past 476 days. Thank you!!

Love you all.