Friends and family

After my wife told me it was over, one of the first things I wanted to do was reach out and talk to someone. The only person I really had that I could talk to at this point in my life was my sister. We agreed not to tell the kids or our families, but I let my ex know I would be telling my sister. I needed support from somewhere.

Talking to my sister helped a great deal, she is an excellent listener and was able to talk to me from a different perspective. She helped me process some of the early shock and anger.

I also was starting to explore a new group of friends in a divorce support group (DSG) I found through This is a very large social, not necessarily dating, website. The group of people I found were amazing. Open, friendly, ready to listen to me complain and whine about my life and what had happened. I am routinely impressed by this group and how welcoming they are. You know who you are. Thanks!!

Find someone to talk to. Family, friends, it doesn’t matter. Just talk about it. Somewhere there is someone waiting to listen and help.



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